The White Swimsuit Edit & #BachAndBoujee Recap


Happy Thursday y’all! It has been a whirlwind summer getting ready for this wedding! Between meetings, planning and a million emails, we’re only 44 days away! I was so excited to head to my bachelorette party in Palm Coast, FL for some much needed relaxation with girlfriends!

My grandma was so kind to let us use their Florida home for the weekend and everything was booked and ready to go! Last week felt so long waiting for Thursday to arrive and when it finally did, bad news hit. My flight was delayed. A girlfriend who was going down a day earlier had been cancelled the night before and there were more storms headed for Chicago that morning, but so far there was only the hour delay. I woke up my friend Emily and we took off to the airport in what would become a pretty crazy storm. We made it to the airport and back to the gate pretty quickly where we waited for another girlfriend, Chelsea, to join us. She arrived about an hour later and we sat and talked about her recent engagement (yay, congrats Chelsea and Rob!), how much fun this weekend was going to be and you know, girl talk.


It was about 30 minutes before we were supposed to board and our plane still hadn’t arrived. All the sudden I start hearing people groan and complain about their flight being cancelled. I prayed it wasn’t our flight and checked my app. Everything was the same and only still delayed and then we heard someone over the intercom announcing that our flight had been cancelled and we needed to proceed to ticketing. We got to the ticketing counter along with about 300 other people and waited in line to try and get on another flight. After about 15 minutes I suppose the flight agents realized we all had the same problem and jumped on the counter to announce that our flight would not be leaving again until Sunday morning - when I was supposed to be flying home from the bachelorette.

I called my Maid of Honor, Lindsey, and told her the news. She arrived a few hours earlier and was already at the house thinking I’d be there in a couple hours. I told her we’d have to find another airline and I’d let her know. With everyone and their friends, moms, dogs, aunts and grandmas trying to get a flight out there was basically nothing left. I seriously started questioning if I was even going to make it down there that weekend without having to pay a million dollars for a flight. But, we ended up finding a flight that left Friday morning and it appeared to only have 6 seats left on the plane. We booked it to the ticketing counter of that airline and we were met with about 150 more people. I instantly became crushed because I knew if we waited in line then there was a chance that flight would sell out. I tried calling and ordering over the phone but the wait time was just as long.

There was a woman helping direct people in line and she came up asking what flight I was on previously. I explained that we hadn’t been on that airline and needed to book an entirely new trip. She looked confused hearing the sadness in my voice and I jumped on a limb and said, “it’s my bachelorette party and I really don’t want to miss it.” She said,” oh my gosh come with me!” and led us to a kiosk computer where she instantly booked us three seats on the Friday flight. I was a total weirdo and gave her the biggest hug and invited her on the trip. Lol she obviously declined, but we left her some great reviews for her amazing customer service!


So, we headed back to my condo, ordered pizza, drank champs and watched Harry Potter for the rest of the night. Bright and early the next day we headed out and finally made it to Florida. I was welcomed with my girlfriends, champagne, the cutest decorations and so much fun! We hung out in the pool the rest of the afternoon, had some dinner and then went out in St. Augustine that night.

I was so excited to wear some bathing suits I had found for the trip. I’ve really been into one pieces with unique touches recently and loved the Shein one I wore on Friday afternoon. Since i knew I would be wearing white all weekend I wanted something a little different and leopard was the perfect touch of boujee I needed.

We woke up bright and early on Saturday and headed out to Daytona to meet our boat captain for a day on the water. We spent the majority of the day driving around, hanging out on the beach and tubing. The company we used, Blue Diamond Boat Rentals, was so great. They were super professional, had the perfect sized boat and I think had just as much fun as we did!


I opted for another two piece for the boat and paired it with a very extra coverup I found on Amazon and a pair of heart shaped glasses. Lindsey got me a captains hat (my one true wish for the weekend, I didn’t even tell her and she killed it - duh), and I was loving every second of it. Full of sun, music and Whiteclaw, we headed back to the house and got ready for dinner. At dinner, everyone was exhausted from our long day and to be totally honest, I was pretty over going out and drinking so we headed back to the house and had the ultimate girls room night staying up late talking and telling stories. It was the perfect last night.

Some of the girls were heading out pretty early the next morning and I awoke to three of them in my room at 7AM looking very freaked out. I rolled over and said, “what’s going on?!” Lindsey then proceeded to tell me that a frog had found its way into her suitcase and she found it while packing. We then spent the next 30 minutes coming up with a plan to capture it and Emily saved the day getting it with a Solo cup and taking it outside. After #FrogFiasco2019, we all packed up, cleaned up and headed to the airport. My favorite part of the trip? All the girls ended up getting along great and becoming friends. It was so cool to see so many different people from different places hit it off and look forward to seeing each other again in September at the wedding. #BachAndBoujee was a total success minus the few mishaps and I couldn’t be more thankful for the best girlfriends ever.

If you made it this far, bless you. I’ve rounded up some other white bathing suits I was shopping and loving below if you’re a bride, love a crisp white look or just want to appear tanner (total plus of wearing white)! Thank you so much for reading and to all the girls who made #NavaSingleAgain happen, #prune.


The White Dress Edit


For the past few months I have been on the hunt for all the bridal event dresses and to be honest, it was a bit of a struggle. Everything I was finding had felt like every girl I’d ever known to get married had the same dress or it was so expensive I couldn’t fathom spending that on a dress I would maybe wear again.

The biggest problem I was running into? So many white dresses are eyelet or have a beach vibe to them. While very cute and summery, I wanted something a little different. I want to look back at pictures and think what I had on was chic and classic, but had a fun pop of fashion to it. I couldn’t find this perfect combination until I remembered to look on a site I’ve been shopping on for a while, Red Dress Boutique!

I jumped on their dress page and filtered to the color white and immediately found so many dresses! I’ve linked my favorites (along with some other brands) below - dresses and jumpsuits (because why not mix it up?)



I had my first bridal shower this past weekend and was so amazing! My life-long best friend, Lindsey, threw it with her mom and sisters and it was such a fun time! I always feel so special at events that are thrown in your honor because my friends and family nail capturing me in a party every time. She helped with my engagement party with our moms and had peonies, champagne and a wedding planner gift waiting for my arrival. I guess that’s what 26 years of friendship will get you!

Anyways, back to the shower! She didn’t disappoint again with peonies, my favorite donuts, a cake from my favorite bakery and lots of lots of Prosecco! 🥂 it was the perfect shower!



Next up on the wedding event train? The bachelorette party! I’m really excited to shop for this trip because we are headed somewhere warm (cannot wait to escape the still chilly Chicago weather) and that means all the white bathing suites, sandals, two piece sets and accessories. It’s going to be so fun! But, wearing all that white means I’m going to have to work on my tan… thanks so much for reading! xx