The Pressure of a New Year


Happy Saturday, y’all! We woke up to snow this morning and I couldn’t help but go out and play in it it for a second! The “feels like 13 degrees” really gets to you after a good 7 seconds. 

I love the weekend for the sole fact of recharging, taking a slow second to rethink some things or even just do absolutely nothing. With the start of the new year I’ve been really trying to look within on things I want to better, develop or stop this year. There can be a lot of pressure behind this from society, your inner goals and fears and just the thought that January 1st means your life has to change in some way. One of the things I discovered as I was reflecting was that I wanted to rediscover my creativity. If you know me then you know that I work in a creative field, paint on the side and typically like to express myself in various ways. However, the last year or so I’ve been finding that side of myself fade and I wanted to get back in touch. As life gets in the way, your schedule gets crazy and curveballs find their way into the lineup, it can begin to be tough to truly know where you’re at. I’ve been feeling this way and knew that my creativity was a place I needed to find again.  I found a book called The Artist’s Way and it walks you through a 12 week process of recovering your inner creative. Through writing exercises, readings and challenges of your inner fears, this book gives you the tools to break down the creative walls and just let it all go.

Immediately intrigued, but hesitant to start, I finally put pen to paper today and did my first assignment. It was enlightening and felt great, but since it’s day one I’m sure there’s more to come. One of the assignments is to schedule a weekly artist date. This means scheduling time do something creative or that inspires you. As a way to break from the stress of life and just get out and do something, Kollin and I went to see Bohemian Rhapsody tonight. It. Was. Amazing. 

I completely recommend if you haven’t already seen it! Full of Queen’s fantastic music, comedy and true heartfelt emotion, it was an extension on tapping into the creativity I’ve been craving lately.  

While getting ready I reached for this Shein  Bubble Sleeve Sweater and my new favorite snake skin booties, a gift from Kollin’s mom that I can’t take off! We parked the car and as we were walking to the elevator got this overwhelming feeling of having to walk in snow that hadn’t been touched yet and voilá Kollin captured the moment. 

This sweater is soft, perfectly oversized and goes with just about anything. You can shop it with an extra 15% off using code “Q1thecreativebriefblog15” at checkout! I paired it with some black skinny jeans and booties and my new favorite Chloé dupe handbag. It’s on amazon for less than $60 🙃

I hope everyone’s weekend is a wonderful one and thank you so much for reading! xx  



#TheWeddingEdit - Photography


Photography has been a huge part of Kollin and I’s engagement since the beginning. He surprised me with a photographer when he proposed to capture the proposal and my reaction during the surprise party he planned after and they are some of my favorite pictures from the day as they captured the memories perfectly and took us straight back to those emotions we were feeling.

When looking for a wedding photographer I couldn’t find what I was looking for. I searched website after website, talked to friends and families about who they suggested and while everyone was very talented, there was something missing still. I started searching the hashtag #kentuckywedding on Instagram and came across Drake and Eliza Photography.

I immediately fell in love with their ability to capture the smallest moments and make them the focal point of their perspective for the entire shoot. Moments that some people may not even think to capture or pictures of people truly feeling and expressing an emotion purely. I knew we found what we were looking for and couldn’t wait to chat with them.


After a few emails, we set up a Facetime (they are in KY) and met Drake. Drake and Eliza are a husband and wife team and we loved the fact that they experienced their wedding day and know exactly what couples are looking for since they’ve been in their shoes together. We talked about our vision for the day, how we met, what was important to us the day of and more about their perspective on photography.

Needless to say, we couldn’t agree more on everything and we set up our engagement shoot!


I loved the idea of our engagement shoot taking place in Louisville, KY, where we are both from and met. We chose a park that I used to go to as a kid and thought it captured the southern feel we were looking for without it being too rustic. The shoot was so much fun and Eliza made us feel so comfortable. We laughed, jumped and tried our serious faces but ended up laughing even harder!  

After about 15 minutes Kollin and I got comfortable with “ignoring the camera” as Eliza would say and we just got cuddly for the rest of the shoot as she captured our special moments and giggles. 


My best advice for engagement shoots and finding the right photographer? Think about emotion rather than a shot list. A lot of photographers asked us what shots we wanted to capture, the group photos we wanted and how their style reflected what most couples are looking for. What I loved about Drake and Eliza, was their intention and thought behind the shots and entire day. I think it is evident from our pictures that they truly capture the couple they are shooting and we could not be happier with the results!

When deciding what we wanted to wear I knew I wanted something classic that would necessarily show the year or decade if you will. Seeing wedding photos from the 80s makes me cringe thinking about what ours will look like 30 years from now! Given that, Kollin wanted to wear a suit, but chose to stick a bit more casual and go tieless. His only complaint was that it was so hot and all the layers was tough with the heat. For my dress, I found it on Lulu’s a few weeks before the shoot and loved the clean lines and low back. The color was neutral and the style was easy enough to match the vibe of the shoot, but still elegant enough to contrast the natural environment. I added some look a likes below and some other options I think would be great for a similar vibe of engagement shoot!


This last picture was after the shoot and Kollin and I were walking back to the car when we realized we still had an hour until our dinner reservation. We walked by the swings and he ran toward them and hopped on. We then decided we wanted to act like 8 years olds and see who could swing the highest. Eliza was thoughtful as usual and captured the whole thing before heading out. When we saw the gallery of images we got so excited seeing that surprise at the end!

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