The White Dress Edit


For the past few months I have been on the hunt for all the bridal event dresses and to be honest, it was a bit of a struggle. Everything I was finding had felt like every girl I’d ever known to get married had the same dress or it was so expensive I couldn’t fathom spending that on a dress I would maybe wear again.

The biggest problem I was running into? So many white dresses are eyelet or have a beach vibe to them. While very cute and summery, I wanted something a little different. I want to look back at pictures and think what I had on was chic and classic, but had a fun pop of fashion to it. I couldn’t find this perfect combination until I remembered to look on a site I’ve been shopping on for a while, Red Dress Boutique!

I jumped on their dress page and filtered to the color white and immediately found so many dresses! I’ve linked my favorites (along with some other brands) below - dresses and jumpsuits (because why not mix it up?)



I had my first bridal shower this past weekend and was so amazing! My life-long best friend, Lindsey, threw it with her mom and sisters and it was such a fun time! I always feel so special at events that are thrown in your honor because my friends and family nail capturing me in a party every time. She helped with my engagement party with our moms and had peonies, champagne and a wedding planner gift waiting for my arrival. I guess that’s what 26 years of friendship will get you!

Anyways, back to the shower! She didn’t disappoint again with peonies, my favorite donuts, a cake from my favorite bakery and lots of lots of Prosecco! 🥂 it was the perfect shower!



Next up on the wedding event train? The bachelorette party! I’m really excited to shop for this trip because we are headed somewhere warm (cannot wait to escape the still chilly Chicago weather) and that means all the white bathing suites, sandals, two piece sets and accessories. It’s going to be so fun! But, wearing all that white means I’m going to have to work on my tan… thanks so much for reading! xx