Must-Have Travel and Packing Essentials


If there is one thing that this year includes it’s travel! Kollin and I are so fortunate to be able to jet off to friend’s weddings, family visits and wedding planning meetings in Kentucky and in September, our honeymoon. With all this travel in place, I asked for a travel set birthday present last year and my mom did not disappoint!

Through college and even a few years past graduating, I was using travel cases, makeup bags and toiletry bags from ages ago. Whatever I could find at Target in the sale bin or whatever had come in my Lilly Pulitzer gift with purchase. I wanted something that would last and create a chic, cohesive look with my travel set.

When we travel I am definitely the organized one of the family ha. I have my suitcase (Kollin and I usually pack separately – it has saved us in many ways), a carry on tote and all the pouches inside needed to for cords, papers and IDs, corgi needs (he usually travels with us!) and anything we need for the plane ride. Any other girls become a pack mule for their significant other when traveling? I’m not sure why men are so against man purses – it really would help them out!

Anyways, back to the travel set that I’ve been loving. It’s from Cuyana and while it is a bit pricey, it is so gorgeous and the perfect size and quality for traveling. The two piece set has smaller pouch – that I use for makeup – and a larger pouch that can hold hair products, skincare, etc. You can also Monogram them which was another selling point for me! As Reese Witherspoon famously said, “if it isn’t moving, monogram it!”

While I love the chic and sophisticated look of the Cuyana bags, I also love a more fun moment too. A couple years ago I discovered Stoney Clover Lane and thought their line of pouches, bags, totes and packing essentials was so cute and fun! With their interactive site and tons of options, I spent a couple hours designing a few different pouches. Perfect for travel and thematic situations (bachelorette party, traveling to the beach and more), there is something for everyone. The cutest feature? They have patches that you can add to any product – letters, numbers, destinations, cute animals and symbols – you can completely customize your travel needs!


My last travel piece is one that can obviously be used outside of travel but having a great carry-all bag creates a seamless travel experience. I’m linking a few below that I have used and love but want to take a moment to talk about the I Love Jewelry Coco Bag. I first found this bag when I was deeply falling in love with the Chanel Deauville tote, but obviously my dreams were crushed when I saw the price tag. When I saw this bag, that takes inspiration from the Chanel version, I thought it was a no-brainer! Well below the designer price, available in a variety of colors and the option to monogram make it really accessible and personalized. I have this bag in the beige and all black version and love them! They are great for travel because they hold a ton, but I also love them for the work week as a carry all of my computer, change of flats and you know all the girly stuff we always carry around. And everything I mentioned above for travel sets and pouches fits in the bag! The pink or gray is next up on my wish list!

Are you headed a trip soon? I would love to hear where and what your must-have travel essentials are! Thanks so much for reading! xx