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Tula Purifying Face Cleanser | Tula Day and Night Cream 

When you move in with someone you obviously find out about small things they like to do a certain way and funny characteristics. For example, Kollin prefers to drink Coke out of glass with ice instead of the can and is VERY particular about how rice is made (as he claims every Spanish person should be). For me, it's more OCD than preferences. My bracelet stack is in the same order everyday and I can't go to sleep unless the duvet is folded neatly across the bed (weirdo I know 🙈). 

It's safe to say that people stick to certain things because it works for them. But, one thing that wasn't working for me - my skincare. 

It would be aggressive to say that I have an acne problem, when many people really suffer with acne. I get breakouts and have acne prone skin, but I just thought it was something that everyone dealt with, until I saw all my favorite bloggers posting about their makeup routines with pre-makeup pictures showcasing their amazing skin. 

The secret to their gorgeous skin? Tula, a skincare line made from probiotics that work with any skin type and create a natural balance for what your skin needs. 


Robe (Etsy - similar) | Tula | Flowers and Tray (Homegoods)

My favorite blogger as most of you know, Katey McFarlan of Chronicles of Frivolity, has been using and talking about Tula for months and I never looked into because it's pricey

But, as Katey does, she came in with a praise-Jesus-moment 🙌🏻  and held a discounted sale for a bundle. Unfortunately, that discounted sale is no longer available, but with code "classicandgray25" you can get 25% off & free shipping thanks to the lovely blogger of Classic and Gray

Because of my not-so-great breakout situation, I am sometimes hesitant to try new products, especially when I could be having a better skin day. But, as so many people swear by it, I gave it a shot. And it Did. Not. Disappoint! 

Overnight, my skin was softer, smoother and I could definitely see that change was happening. Of course, there were still blemishes and red marks that I previously had, but I could see them diminishing.  

It's been about a week and a half since I've been using the cleanser and hydrating day and night cream (morning and night before bed) and my skin has never been better.  

Like any skin care line, it takes time to see dramatic results, but I haven't had a new breakout since and couldn't be happier about the changes Tula has done for my skin.  

If you don't suffer from acne prone skin like I do, Tula works with tone, wrinkles, aging, sun damage and any skin conditions you may have like eczema and rosecea.  

Please let me know if you have any questions about Tula and thanks so much for reading! xx