Derby Dresses with ASOS

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Happy Derby Week y'all! I'm sad to say that this will be my first year being outside Kentucky during Derby season, but I'm still living vicariously through my besties and their bright dresses - and perhaps going to the Kentucky bar here in CHI for mint juleps 🐎 

Derby is one of my favorite fashion moments of the year because I bring out the color from my mostly-neutral wardrobe. The pastels and prints are alive and well at Derby each year and make such fun compliments to the dramatic hats.  

One thing I always think about during Derby time is how to best balance my budget between the dress and the hat. Seeing as the hat you really want is pricey, there's always a dress under $100 (some of these are closer to $30!!) that can work nicely with a more expensive hat. 

I've pulled together some of my favorite more affordable looks from ASOS above and hope that it can give you a little inspiration this year. Lord knows if I was at Churchill this year I'd be wearing that cutie little number in the middle! 💃🏽 

I hope y'all have a fabulous Derby week and celebration! Go Baby Go! xx