Life Lessons from the Women in My Life

Growing up in the South, it wasn't uncommon to have the feeling that a village raised you. Your best friend's family basically becomes family, your cheerleading coach knows your cousins, your neighbors have grown up with you for 10 years and you've been babysat by your third grade teacher. 

When thinking about life lessons I was finding myself learning from all the amazing women around me, regardless of blood relation. I wanted to share some wisdom from the multiple women in my life who inspire me.

1) Never show up to someone's home without something to offer.

We all know the "hostess gift" rule for parties or get togethers, but as my momma always taught me, this includes any time that you are a guest in someone's home. It is a thoughtful gesture in any setting and the host or hostess will be delighted.

2) Nails should always be painted

My best friend's grandmother instilled this into us at a very young age as we were running around barefoot at the lake. Chipped nails are unacceptable, no excuses!

3) A man may be the head of the household, but a woman is the neck

Words to live by! My grandmother was speaking about my grandfather when she told me this, but I think it is such an interesting outlook to have on relationships. Neither can work without each other and while decisions can be made, the direction of those decisions are usually decided by the ladies ;) 

4) Handwritten Notes

These days, most people are content with a follow-up email or thank you email. That's the standard. So, why not exceed those standards to what was the standard a few decades ago? Handwritten notes are such thoughtful and personal touches. And nothing is more satisfying to my type-A personality thank well-designed, monogramed thank you notes!

5) Treat the bus driver as you would the President

Regardless of who the person is, treat them as you would want to be treated. Treat the bus driver, Uber driver, waitress, Governor, homeless man on the corner, doorman, your boss, mother the same. Having this characteristic will take you far and you never know how much a smile can make someone's day, no matter who they are.

6) Vulgarity is no substitute for wit

While this quote is not technically from a woman in my life, I think every woman should remember it. Julian Fellowes is the mind behind the words and I try to remember it daily. 

7) Never let someone leave your home hungry

I'm not sure if this is a Southern thing or a mom thing, but growing up many of my friend's moms would make it a point to never let anyone go hungry... even if they just ate! I always want anyone who comes into our home (ok 490 sq. ft!) to feel welcomed and not wishing for anything. 

8) You won't be your best if your outfit makes you uncomfortable

My step-mom was such a huge help to me during the interviewing process looking for jobs and this statement stuck out to me because it is so true! I, of course, raided her amazing closet before a big interview and had on an outfit that looked fantastic, but I didn't feel like myself. When she said those words to me I was so relieved. I was trying to "look the part" and looking back it would have completely changed how the interview went. 

As simple as it may sound, there is no point in putting yourself in a situation where you can't be the best version of yourself - even if that means turning down a St. John blazer!

Clearly there are so many women in my life that aren't pictured above or have a personal shoutout, but thank you to all the incredible women in my life who shape me into who I am. I hope the inspiring women in my life connected with you on some level! Thank you so much for reading my corner of the internet! 

xo amanda.png