Life Update

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The past month has been a whirlwind for us! Between moving, Kollin wrapping up school and the 3 upcoming event-filled weekends, we are in for quite a ride! First up, my little from my sorority is getting married this weekend! (Hi Emma!!). We are traveling to Richmond to watch her marry her love and could not be more excited for her (while also feeing very old)! Then we travel home to Kentucky to attend the Kentucky Derby (a first for me!). I've watched it every year since I could crawl, but have never been at Churchill Downs for the actual race. Cannot wait!

The next weekend Kollin graduates & we celebrate his hard work the past three years with our friends and family! This all comes after moving into our new condo! We are pretty much settled in and are starting to decorate and get some new furniture, but I can't wait for it to really start for it to feel completed and like home. During the move we packed a suitcase with a week's worth of clothes since we packed everything else and the first thing I reached for was this Shein Embroidered Bomber Jacket. It's lightweight, so soft and has beautiful embroidered detail on the front and sleeves. It adds a touch of chicness to some joggers and sneakers or dress it up with jeans and over the knee boots - it works for a bunch of different looks!

It comes in one size, but if you're taller I would make sure to pay attention to the sleeve length! It will fit most body-types, but I always check the sizing information on Shein to make sure the fit is what I'm looking for! In jackets, I'm usually true to size in a small (I'm 5'6 for the height reference). 

With everything going on we haven't had a ton of time to explore our new neighborhood so if you're in Chicago or familiar with the Lincoln Park neighborhood send me your favorites for everything; food, nightlife, bars & activities! You will probably catch me at the farmer's market on Saturday mornings wearing this exact look haha.

As I was sitting at the window sill asking Kollin to take this picture (#instagramhusband), I kept thinking how thankful I am to have you all following along on this amazing journey life has given us. I started this blog as a hobby in college and while it's still just my little corner of the internet, I know it's growth since the beginning is because of the amazing people reading these posts. As we move from place to place and I share my outfits or dating advice, y'all have been there to support us and share your love. Thank you so much! Cheers to all the exciting things to come & for sharing this little website with me!

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Thank you to Shein for this jacket and partnership, it's brands like yours that make The Creative Brief possible! All opinions are my own.