Valentine's Day Gift Guide

We're one week away from Valentine's Day and I'm definitely one of those girls that likes to do the shopping for my own gift! Ha. But, I also love using this holiday as a way to show some love to others in my life like my girlfriends! Whether you're shopping for your significant other, a bestie or your mom, I've added some items below that I think they'll love! 

Kollin "surprised" (aka I picked them out and he said yes hehe) with these gorgeous Dana Rebecca Designs studs! I've been looking for a pair of everyday earrings and these add the perfect amount of sparkle to any look. When looking for gifts for Kollin, I couldn't decide on what to get him. His birthday is two weeks after Valentine's Day so I feel like he always expects to just get a nice gift on his birthday rather than Valentine's, but I love to surprise him and go a bit bigger so he isn't expecting it! 

He loves watches, but also loves displaying the ones he isn't wearing. This watch box seems perfect to display and protect his watch collection!



I hope your Valentine's Day is filled with all kinds of love! Have a great week y'all! 

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