Valentine's Gift Guide

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Valentine's Day has been kind of a weird holiday for Kollin and I because for four years of college we were only able to celebrate together once. So, until now we haven't really had the chance to celebrate anything more than sending a care package of baked goods to Colorado or a love letter in the mail. This year we are spending the whole day celebrating by seeing an amazing Van Gogh exhibit at the Art Institute followed by dinner. What are your V-Day plans?!

I love to think about Valentine's Day as a time to give something to your guy that they normally wouldn't spend money on themselves. A nice shaving kit or a weekend bag is simple, but thoughtful and shares that you are giving something they need.

Valentine's Day is also a day to celebrate the gals in your life! A delicious smelling candle or these cute tassel earrings are perfect for a best friend, sister or cousin! Or if you're anything like me, you use any holiday as an excuse to buy yourself a little something!