Instagram Roundup & Life Lately

Hey y'all, I hope everyone is enjoying their Friday! I thought I would share a little Instagram roundup and life lately update considering some time has passed since the last one! I can't believe we are already a week into 2017 and so many exciting things have happened lately! 

Spending the New Year surrounded by loved ones and palm trees is the best way to do it right?! After our Christmas trip to Kentucky, we spent a few days with my family in Florida to ring in the new year. The warmer weather was a blessing considering it has been insanely cold in Chicago the past couple weeks! 

My girl is getting married!! Congratulations @lindsraff123 @ballen__21 💍💕

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I was so excited when I found out my best friend was getting engaged a few weeks before our trip to Kentucky and that I would get to share the celebration with her in person! She and a few other girlfriends are traveling to Chicago in a couple weeks, but there is nothing like sharing the joy of your best friend getting engaged in person! 

Merry Christmas Eve! xx 🎄

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Kollin and I spent the Christmas holiday in Kentucky with his family and my mom. It was so great to see everyone and spend time with loved ones we don't get to see very often. Nothing makes you feel loved like coming 'home' to a huge group of people who want to hug you!

Dancing for -20 degree weather tomorrow! @ashnic8239

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A few weekends ago it was freezing, but my sister and I couldn't resist enjoying the snow for a bit. This Christmas we didn't see each other so we celebrated early with a delicious dinner & Woodford. 

Breakfast with Santa 🎄🎅🏻

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Kollin, the fam and I celebrated together a little early with breakfast with Santa at my grandparent's country club. Charlie was so excited to meet Santa and tell him he wanted a skateboard for Christmas. If only Santa could bring my Christmas list  that easily!

When you lose your boyfriend in the men's department 🎄❤️🛍

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Christmas shopping can be so tiring with so many people to buy for, but we were invited to shop a cardholder's Christmas event at Nordstrom this year and got some of our shopping done. I have to admit that I found more for my own list than others, but that's the fun part right?! Nordstrom has some great finds in their gifts shop, check it out here!

Cozy afternoon with the new artwork ◻️🔲🔳◼️ thank you @bearnava for being the handyman

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As we've settled into our apartment the last few months, I finally got around to making some artwork for it. I had so much fun making this abstract triptych for our living room. I'm so excited for some time off during the holidays to paint some more for loved ones!

@bearnava for President 🇺🇸

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I don't talk about politics on TCB, but I think this caption states everything needed to be said! This election was definitely unique and we had fun celebrating the end of the election with some of our friends who worked on campaigns. Totally take this as an endorsement for Kollin for President 2020 though ;)

In case y'all missed it, The Chicago Cubs WON THE WORLD SERIES! Moving to Chicago and living here for the past year and a half has been so much fun and watching our city finally win the World Series was such a memorable experience. We watched every single game and it was such an emotional ride. The above photo was taken standing in the middle of Michigan Ave right before the parade went by. Over 5 million people attended the parade and celebration, making it a top ten largest gathering in history - so, you could say we made history twice! #FlyTheW

Cooking with this cutie 🍴

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With Kollin's law school schedule it can be tricky to take a date night, but he is finally done with this semester and it was so great taking a break with amazing friends to do a cooking class! We made delicious street food that ranged from kabobs, cuban sandwiches, and fish tacos. If you're in Chicago I highly recommend The Chopping Block for a date!


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Nothing is more fun than watching a little kid have fun. The fam and I went to a pumpkin patch back in October and we had an amazing time! From riding the slides, watching pig races, picking out the perfect pumpkin and eating freshly made donuts, it was definitely a day to remember. 

Thanks so much for reading and have a great weekend! xx