Work Bag Essentials

The transition from undergrad to professional life wasn't too different in terms of what I was carrying around with me other than what I was carrying everything in. When moving to Chicago I knew it wouldn't be as simple as running back to the sorority house to grab shoes before my internship like it was in college. 

I needed a bag (bags if we are being real #addiction) that would work for commuting, drinks after work and basically carrying all the things I could need throughout the day. As a graduation gift my mom got me the Michael Kors Jet Set Tote and I have loved having the versatility of it in the city. Since it's black it goes with everything. For my birthday this year, Kollin gave me this St. Anne Tote from Barrington Gifts. The monogram adds a fun touch and it comes in a variety of patterns and monogram styles, which you can create yourself! I've added some other great work bags at lower price points below for my girls on a budget! This one is a great dupe for YSL!


When it comes to what is in my bag, there are always some things I always have with me no matter where I am going that day. For work specifically, I always have my computer, planner, notebook, favorite perfume, current favorite lipstick, sunnies and a change of shoes. 

Since we've moved to the Loop, I've been walking home from work (little motivation to accomplish that in the morning) and always grab my favorite pair of black flats to walk - the Chanel ballerinas. They were a gift from my step-mom when I landed my first internship and have lasted me years. They are pricey, but the most comfortable flats I've ever worn! Here are some great substitutes:


To keep me organized I always carrying around my planner, Corie Clark's The Purposeful Planner. It comes in a variety of versions, colors and has really helped me plan my days with intention. I always love to have notebooks with me for moments of inspiration or to just jot down some quick notes. Target always has the cutest ones - one of my favorite brands they carry is greenroom. They fit perfectly in a purse and come in the cutest patterns! 

In college, my laptop cover was a huge monogram, but coming into the corporate world I needed something a little more understated. This laptop sticker is so chic and has lasted me a while with no damage.

What ends up in my bag day to day varies based on what is happening, but there are three things I always have with me: lipstick, sunnies and perfume. My favorite, Chanel Chance Eau Tendre is the perfect blend of a sweet feminine scent and sophisticated undertones. The best part, there is a gift package that comes with a travel size

My go to sunnies are the RayBan Aviators. They go with pretty much everything, are a classic style and are super lightweight to travel with. Lastly I always have my favorite lip color with me, Maybelline's Lust for Blush. It is a subtle pink with mauve undertones that would look great on any skin tone.  

What's in your bag that is a must have? I'd love to hear from y'all and hope you have a fabulous weekend!