Winter Wear


Happy Sunday y'all! I hope everyone is staying warm in these freezing temps - it is a lovely -15 with windchill here in the city. There are some great sales out there for cold weather clothing. One of my first purchases here in the city was a puffer coat and shortly after were boots. Without having a car here, we walk pretty much everywhere within a mile radius. That calls for boots that will you warm and dry. I've listed some of my favorites below. If you're looking for some that will work outside of the winter season, check out Hunter boots here! (40% off)

There are tons of hat options out there and nothing is trendier right now than a pom pom beanie! If you're looking to really save, Old Navy has some great hats for less than $10! They aren't available online so be sure to check in store.

Here in the city people turn into puff people with all their layers and giant coats. Most of the time all you can see is their eyes, it's quite comical. But the first thing I learned from the cold Chicago weather was to invest in a good, warm scarf. Wearing these over your face save you from your tears freezing and feeling like your nose will fall off! I've added some cute and affordable, but warm options below!


For me, winter is the season of over-sized sweaters and fuzzy socks. But, that doesn't mean you can't look stylish while staying warm. H&M has great winter sweaters that are also trendy! Off the shoulder is so in right now. The one below can be worn over the shoulder then adjusted once you're inside. #Versatility


No matter where you are in the nation, everyone needs a warm coat. Below are some chic, but cozy options. This one is my fav, on sale and back in stock, but move quickly because they go fast!

I hope this guide was helpful if you're looking to purchase some cold weather clothing soon. Kollin and I are headed out in the Chicago tundra to see the new movie, Jackie, with Natalie Portman. I'm a huge JFK fan and cannot wait to see it! I hope you have a wonderful rest of your Sunday and thank you so much for reading!