Hi, I'm Amanda, a Chicago-based fashion and lifestyle blogger by free-time and a Creative Director by day. I use The Creative Brief as a platform to talk about fashion, beauty, lifestyle topics and the different ins and outs of my life. 

I'm a lover of strawberry macarons, all things created by Karl Lagerfeld and champagne with my breakfast. I'm an avid Vogue reader, consider Audrey Hepburn my spirit-animal and firmly believe that every girl is a goddess who deserves the fashion and lifestyle she wants. 

I grew up in Louisville, Kentucky and moved to Chicago in 2015 after graduating from the University of Kentucky to start a new career, jump into a new lifestyle and enjoy the big city. As the Creative Brief is a part-time gig, I try to add content when I'm feeling inspired and love to share different parts of my life with my readers. I hope you can find a friend in me through a blog and I hope to inspire other women with my posts. Thank you so much for reading! xx



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